RobinCharlotte Jewelry explores the tension between decay and preservation, the organic and otherworldly. Featuring real sea creatures, insects, and bones set in resin, each piece is one of a kind. Robin Humphrey, a jewelry artist with a distinctive eye for vintage findings, shimmering stones, and lustrous metals, handcrafts the line in her Los Angeles Studio.
Robin’s art is steeped in an appreciate of history; the fossil, the relic, and the heirloom all hold meaning for her art. Robin is drawn to nature's often overlooked tiny creatures, and her line revels in their intricate beauty. All fish are collected from local L.A. pet shops as they naturally pass away, and are given a second life in Robin’s exquisite creations.
Just as she derives inspiration from combing oceans and back rooms of pet shops, Robin frequents estate sales and antique shops; her most sought-after treasures include Victorian mourning jewelry and vintage taxidermy. It follows that her work is also infused with this passion for vintage and found objects, in that these items possess histories, scars. Like her desire to reclaim fossils and bones, Robin’s process in working with these remnants is innately voyeuristic; she celebrates the mystery of creation and corrosion.
While completing her B.F.A. at Rhode Island School of Design, she learned to work with epoxy resin. In 2007, after additional coursework in silver smithing and metal casting, and professional experience in leather and accessory design, RobinCharlotte Jewelry was born. Since then, Robin’s work has been featured in online fashion and arts publications including Teen Vogue, Esquire,Vogue Brazil, and Refinery29.

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