Monday, June 16, 2008

Copper Alligaor Wrist Cuff

I made this alligator in my jewelry smiting class at LACC. Originally I wanted him to be gold, enameled in white with a ruby eye. So he would be a albino gator, but that proved to be way too hard and way too expensive. So I used copper and a patina instead. Next semester I am going to put tiny rubies on him for little gator warts. Someday if I have enough money and learn how to enamel I would love to make a gold/ruby/albino gator cuff!

I started out by making a line drawing of a alligator using ADOBE illustrator. Then I got a big flat piece of copper and began sawing and sawing. Then I hand engraved the lines in, hammered it into shape and used a patina on it! Next semester I add my tiny ruby warts on him!

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