Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Risd Nature Lab on ETSY

I seriously love the RISD nature lab!!! Best place ever for EVERYTHING creepy, crawly and taxidermy. The nature lab had such a huge impact on me (as you can probably tell from my jewelry). Inside the nature lab is where I met dried fish and the love affair began! As part of an assignment freshman year I sketched little dried angel fish from the Nature Lab and was forever mesmerized by their beauty. I also had taken to experimenting with resin freshman year. I tried putting my goldfish that died in resin, only it was frozen and boiled (and the dorms had to be cleared out from the toxic fumes..oops!) I had so much to learn!

Anyways, Check out this great video ETSY did on the Rhode Island School of Design nature lab.

1 comment:

  1. Wow... I am so envious!
    I have studied at a number of art schools here in Denmark, but haven't experienced anything like the nature lab!
    Lucky lucky you and it shows beautifully in your art :-)


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