Friday, February 26, 2010

Piggy Back Riding on a Spider

When this picture came into my twitter feed from my friend Beth Andrus of Mini-Biz Buzz I was smitten! I ended up day dreaming at my desk of what it would be like to be a baby spider receiving such a piggy back ride. I played with all the scenarios. Me being the mommy spider carrying my babies all over a rain Forrest in South America. Even though I have no idea of this spider's actual habitat, I ended up climbing over bananas and chatting with toucans for a moment. Then I switched it up and imagined being a baby spider just chillin' looking up at the sky times 8 over with my spider eyes. That made me relax and fall into memories of floating in warm tropical waters on past vacations with my ears buried in the sea looking up at the sky without a care in the world....

Memories like these make me excited to allow myself to day dream and learn to be appreciative once again of how visually overwhelming my mind can be. I tend to forget nothing I have visually experienced. Exciting? It can be. It used to wonderful. When I was younger I used to pride myself on remembering everything a friend ever told me in chronological order. We would laugh together as I recalled juicy tid-bits ingrained in my memory they had long since forgotten. I used to be so excited to tell you what you exactly what you were wearing 3 Tuesdays ago if you asked....

But, as I have grown older I have learned this can often just end up being extremely haunting when there are things you wish you couldn't recall. I often find myself wishing I could easily forget disappointments, mistakes and heartbreaks ingrained forever and lurking in my mind. So vivid, colorful and real as when they happened. Even the most minor faux-pas from many years past are lurking. So as I have gotten older I have found myself hesitant to day dream. But, thanks to Beth and her spider I just may allow myslef to day dream a little more during the day! It felt really nice to let my mind go on it's little tangent and not worry where it may end up.

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