Friday, February 5, 2010

A Perfect Storm

It's been raining like no other here in LA in January and February. There was even a threat of tornadoes in the OC! I now live by the foothills so we get some beautiful weather. It has been very inspiring driving home into colorful sunsets, rainbows, snow filled mountains and even fires! Driving up the empty 2 FWY has become a time to relax, visualize and enjoy.

1. Miniature landscapes
by Matthew Albanese. Made of steel wool, cotton, ground parsley, and moss!

2. The most amazing bath tub ever!
Porthole Bath Tub . {apartment therapy}

3. Good Bye Horses by Sandrine Pelletier {design for mankind}

4. Fever Ray's When I Grow Up. {deirdre hartman}

5. I want these boots so bad!
I don't think perforated leather will ever get old to me. Matiko Perforated and cut-out Boots {}

6. Rain makes me
just want to cozy up at home and enjoy myself. It would be even better in this tent! Something is Hiding in There Tent {}

7. *New* Midnight Belt Buckle What can I say it's been dark out. {robincharlotte}

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