Monday, March 22, 2010

Boston Museum Of Science

During my recent trip back to Boston I visited the Boston Museum Of Science, where my uncle is a volunteer. I haven't been there for a VERY long time. I was impressed all over again. Ripley's Meets the Petting Zoo!
When I was very young I saw an exhibit at the BOS that featured the use of a human toe as a replacement thumb (click to see thumb/toe warning not for faint of stomach). I think it semi-traumatized AND extremely intrigued me! I always loved using that special fact through out the years when a person's appendages were in jeopardy. Below is the baby hand deformity from the exhibit which is still there! I was beginning to think I dreamed the whole thing up!

{More Pictures} I took @ The Boston Museum of Science

Butterfly Specimen

Taxidermy kitty



Rock Collection

The baby hand deformities


Ant Tunnels

Museum Reflections


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