Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Dreaming....

Summer solstice is just about a month away. I can't wait! Summer is my favorite time of year. Today I looked around and realized just how close it is- estate sales are abundant (and PACKED with fellow bargain hunters), flea markets are overflowing and I am finding more & more dead bees everywhere I go. With the longer hours of day light I seem to get more fun stuff done, like draw bees and all the other critters in my collection. I find myself experimenting more and not worrying so much about the business-end of everything. I can't wait for summer to be official.

estate sale- glendale california

my bee sketch pen, ink, watercolor, colored pencil



  1. that bee drawing is lovely, i really like the little splashes of purple that kind of bleed out of the picture.


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