Monday, May 3, 2010

Vintage Photo of Crocodiles at the Zoo

I LOVE old photos.
And this one takes the cake!
I can picture myself at this Zoo all dressed up like Lucille Ball
when she goes out- with my hat, bag and gloves.

It's is refreshing since I don't fantasize much.
I imagine, wonder, worry and reminisce.
They take up more than enough brain time.


I am a highly visual and factual person and the things
I create are based visual experiences, feelings and thoughts
of discovery, in the present shaped by my past. I don't like
fiction and the word "science fiction" excites me as much as Algebra
equations slathered in mayonnaise. I think that is what attracts me to
old photos, they allow my mind to fantasize on a visual that
once was fact and a part of SOMEONE'S history. There is truth to
them and I am just filling in the facts, or so my mind likes to believe.

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