Thursday, July 15, 2010

now & then ~ 1995 & 2010

{marilyn manson on donahue & a autograph}

What a special special treasure this Donahue episode is! I had never seen it before! I don't know how it slipped past my hours & hours of Marilyn Manson youtube watching over the years. As a kid I remember watching Donahue & Geraldo on summer vacations & being so in awe of the club kids. This reminds me of those heart warming episodes, only its even better because it's starring Marilyn Mason! It's all the way back from 1995 when Marilyn Manson was younger than I am now! I didn't fall in love with him until Mechanical Animals as you can see by bedroom wall from 1o years ago. Last year I waited in line for hours to get his signature, so for some reason the love is still going strong. I guess you could say it's me & Brian Hugh Warner's 10 year anniversary, though I don't know if it is love at this point or just a nostalgic routine.

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