Saturday, May 8, 2010

the life of a butterfly hunter continues

The Best Day Ever! I returned to the estate sale I went to yesterday morning with hopes of acquiring a vintage taxidermy butterfly collection. I thought the butterfly collection had been sold. Because before I left yesterday I ran back upstairs to take some more pictures of the collection. But, it was gone.

So when I went back today for some more frames for my desktop air plant gardens I was surprised to see it still there. To my sadness it was still still $100. As we were leaving there were whispers of everything being 50% off after 11 am. I buy my frames drive away without asking about the impending sale. I was feeling shy and frankly just not in the mood to be noticed or interact with anyone I didn't have to. Then while driving the little voice in my head says, "NO! Go ask!" I realize the worst they could say is NO. I roll back up and nervously ask the man in charge if the rumors are true...and he says, "let's make a deal" though it wasn't even eleven yet!

Lesson Reminded: It Never Hurts to Ask!
I didn't even realize until after. It's been a year to the day since my cat, Bentli-Balboa passed. Since that horrible experience I have learned to stick up for myself and be bolder. She probably would still be here if I had been. It was the hardest way possible to learn one of the best lessons of my life. I think about that often when I am feeling shy or don't want to cause a ripple, which for me is most of the time. Told I was bold and asked and got what I wanted.
Thank You, Bentli-Balboa.

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