Friday, May 7, 2010

.+*Treasure Hunting*+. - San Marino

I woke up early this morning hoping and praying.

Hoping that these taxidermy butterflies would still be at the estate sale by the time I arrived. Praying they would be $65 or under. I always set a limit like this as to refrain from being impulsive in the heat of the moment.

I also wanted to have a good closeup look at this glass ship-in-a-bottle. I did, plus I made a friend as we both admired it and then both shed a tear together as we discovered it was broken inside. At estate sales I tend to make friends with old men who collect antique photographs. This was a surprising change of pace for me.

When I arrived I bolted through the door and straight up stairs to the chair in the master-bedroom that the butterflies were on. I did my homework, studied hard and planned my route based on the preview pictures. The butterflies were right where I rehearsed. Sadly, though they were $100.But, let me tell you, that doesn't mean there weren't other treasures to be found!

I got two pairs of ship bookends. That's right! Two per! One is metal and the other is a tiny wooden versions of the large ships I have (the pinta and nina)! Things were looking up. I dug around and found a ton of shoes, a Dooney & Bourke handbag, a bowl made out of coins, 3 tiny brass shoe ashtrays, cat salt & pepper shakers, a beer mug, cat key hooks and
a "pi pi" room sign. All to be listed in my kittydirt vintage shop soon...

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