Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Now & Then

All the way from Boston, this is the oak & walnut grandfather clock that my Grampie built using Mason & Sullivan parts, now in my Los Angeles home. I don't know how big of a fan of taxidermy bobcats he was (as you can see he preferred to keep it bobcat free), but I know he would like the addition of the bobcat because I do. That's just how he was. He liked everything I did.

Here you can see my grandfather with the second of three grandfather clocks he built, this one was mahogany and a little smaller it stayed in the front room, next to the secretary he built. fyi~ he even wood paneled all the walls! He sure loved his wood!


  1. Well #1, I LOVE those pictures!
    #2 I love Bobcats AND Granfather clocks!
    #3 I would've loved your Grampie!...I like everything you do too!

    The bobcat looks so graceful with the clock!
    Well done!

  2. You would have loved my Grampie AND his house...haunted by the generations of ghosts of Humphreys past!

    My camera takes pin hole pictures! I found this out 2 years after buying it! Maybe someone needs their new house documented in pinhole pictures!?


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